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Parietal lobe stimulation

March 26, 2013

Cartesian space and the intimate relationship of the  body to that space and its owns fluid and relative XYZ co-ordinates …..well……that representation occurs in the Parietal lobe.

I believe quite correctly..that the model inside our brain of that navigation ( newtonian space + body)  causes daytime consciousness to have a certain characteristic that doesnt exist  or ceases to persist  at nightime.

Hence the dynamic of the night mind is  so fundamentally different to the day mind.Which is why dreams seem so normal while we are in them ( they are ) but on reflection the daytime mind does not accommodate them or cannot /will not as truthful.

.(((((..the daytime mind that can move its body  position with such finesse and navigate the persistant physical world and all its effects ( gravity , XYZ co-ordiantes , persistant and orderly perception  of objects …i.e physical laws.This ability causes the Self to accrete a special dynamic that only occurs when the Physical world is being navigated.We have control and respond abilites when we are presented with the physical world.We can manipulate ourselves by navigating the cartesian world  in a way that we cant during the nighttime.)))))…

Could Parietal lobe stimulation reinforce that ability ..swing the pendulum back to a mind that is rooted in the doable ( ie navigate a physical world= navigate a mental world= ability to self manipulate)…


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  1. littlebangtheories permalink

    ok..its been done already….least i know that its fairly correct.the effect wears off suggesting that the stimulation is altering the symptoms of the depression but the causes of the depression find a new outlet ultimately.But that above is an explanation of why it worked even slightly .

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