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Republicans use more energy ..tend towards a mean figure

April 25, 2010

A program designed to reduce energy consumption persuaded some Republicans to consume more.

Registered Democrats who give to environmental organizations and live near other liberals reduced their consumption by 3 percent. For liberals who started out as heavier-than-average consumers, the reduction was almost 6 percent. Republicans who live in conservative neighborhoods (and hence had no neighborly pressure to conserve) and had no record of giving to environmental organizations actually increased their consumption by 1 percent

Looks as if the Republicans actually may have felt the herd instinct , their grouping reflex coming in here , not wanting to be singled out , least of all as enviromentalists.Whereas Liberals would have less of a  problem with empathy ( save the planet )  and individuality ( saving the most ).

I see  consumption as the class structure in the States.Usage equates to social elevation.Not that I see that as a factor here as the neighbourhoods seems to be homogenous in terms of wealth.


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