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Dreams and learning

April 23, 2010

Dr Robert Stickgold of Harvard Medical School

“The dreams might reflect the brain’s attempt to find associations for the memories that could make them more useful in the future.”

Volunteers were asked to learn the layout of a 3D computer maze so they could find their way within the virtual space several hours later.

Those allowed to take a nap and who also remembered dreaming of the task, found their way to a landmark quicker.

The researchers think the dreams are a sign that unconscious parts of the brain are working hard to process information about the task.

I have a better explanation.Memories themselves have their own ‘neurological’ vectors that have to adjust to the pre-existing eco-system of memory vectors of the pre-existing neural  structures  within the brain.The Brain is not directing any process here…more a case of a passive compaction and dovetailing occurring …with the memory itself behaving like a micro-organism within a larger eco-system.

I know it sounds like nit picking ..because the end result is the same.The memory embeds itself .

But extrapolate from my angle and you get the explanation of dreams.Wierd dreams are just older type memories clashing or resonating with newer ones , irreconcilable differences , that cannot be overcome but are left separated during the day , but at night , find their own internal vectors driving their clash.The resulting melee will seem non-sensical but actually will essentially be constructed of quite concrete and truthfully laid down memories.

e.g   a child like memory will be simple and powerful ( food , play , hurt , love) and adult ones diverse  and sophisticated with lots of fine detail ( your Boss and you’re up coming promotion or not ) and not forgetting fetal memories and baby memories ( elemental and one dimensional ).

Mix these three together and you will not get a coherent narrative.Closing your eyes and removing the Newtonian framework that acts like a grid for our day time adult existence allows the memories to start moving to their own internal vectors as opposed to being overshadowed by the daytime ‘TV’  input that is consciousness.

Anyone placed in a floating  isolation pool will begin to have the same effects as dreaming.The memories begin to have their own vectors once released from the confines of the Newtonian sensory day time world.And those vectors don’t construct a linear narrative that makes sense at all times .


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