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Line Pyramid Raindrop Cog Ring

April 21, 2010

Quick post.

Hunter Gatherer = flat hierarchy = egalitarian = flat line.

Tribal – Pastoral = pyramidal = competing pyramidal societies = the religious pyramidal = socialist/ fascist/democratic/monarchist pyramidals melee.

Liberal democracy ( freedom to vote for everyone )  = rain drop  ( the top of the pyramid is rounded off with rotating political parties and a fatter middle section of wealthy powerful middling classes = rain drop.

Democracy of the byte  ( freedom of information to be everywhere ) Media enabled Internet governance = a cog wheel = empowered bit-powered netizens.The power hollows out to the edges as societies become fragmented into self -policing  interest groups= cheaper more effective hierarchies as governance passes out to the jagged ( separate interest groups ) rims ( away from the central power ) = cog wheel.

Land based citizenship will dissipate as financial clout  defines an individual.Globalized labour movements means that nationality becomes a function  of your access to a Sovereign fund( s) .These funds will be efficiently driven and run by the most ruthless and effective of all human hierarchies ..companies.

We will become shareholders , equal members and non-land based , purely a financial arrangment.= multiple rings of differing sizes , separate but equal within for the shareholders .

 Nation State .RIP.


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