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Parietal lobe stimulation

Cartesian space and the intimate relationship of the  body to that space and its owns fluid and relative XYZ co-ordinates …..well……that representation occurs in the Parietal lobe.

I believe quite correctly..that the model inside our brain of that navigation ( newtonian space + body)  causes daytime consciousness to have a certain characteristic that doesnt exist  or ceases to persist  at nightime.

Hence the dynamic of the night mind is  so fundamentally different to the day mind.Which is why dreams seem so normal while we are in them ( they are ) but on reflection the daytime mind does not accommodate them or cannot /will not as truthful.

.(((((..the daytime mind that can move its body  position with such finesse and navigate the persistant physical world and all its effects ( gravity , XYZ co-ordiantes , persistant and orderly perception  of objects …i.e physical laws.This ability causes the Self to accrete a special dynamic that only occurs when the Physical world is being navigated.We have control and respond abilites when we are presented with the physical world.We can manipulate ourselves by navigating the cartesian world  in a way that we cant during the nighttime.)))))…

Could Parietal lobe stimulation reinforce that ability ..swing the pendulum back to a mind that is rooted in the doable ( ie navigate a physical world= navigate a mental world= ability to self manipulate)…




Neural processing of reward and loss in girls at risk for major depression

RESULTS: While anticipating gains, high-risk participants showed less activation than did their low-risk counterparts in the putamen and left insula but showed greater activation in the right insula. When receiving punishment, high-risk participants showed greater activation in the dorsal anterior cingulate gyrus than did low-risk participants, who showed greater activation in the caudate and putamen.

Putamen = reward assessment .Less activated if your’e downbeat.

ACC = conflict resolution in loss situations = higher activation in downbeats because they will exaggerate losses ?

Role of Left Insula ??

Do Apes grieve ?

Are people really asking such questions today? Hav’nt they watched any wildlife progs for the last 30 years ?

I  remember as a teenager on a family outing to Windsor Safari Park and walking around a wall  only  to be faced by a family of chimps in a closed lonely exhibit room.They all turned their heads together in a spiritless defeated way that sickened me. As if we had dumped a human family in a glass box and never talked to them and never let them out ever again.I hate the whole concept of Zoos now. Deeply embarassed  to have seen those chimps and ashamed that I just walked away.

Our social and emotional sophistication is  not anywhere near the difference that our logical linear mind has achieved as compared to the chimps ( and if there is any difference  ).


Williams Syndrome and the Amygdala

I do buy into some of Jared Diamonds thoughts that we tend towards favourably viewing people who resemble our parents to the extent of marrying parental clones.Another factor I believe is that an ashen faceless conceptualization of our unconscious -subconscious takes place the form of ghosts and evil spirits  that live in dark shadows ( places where our ego-oriented vision loses its ability to divert our attention )..causes people to fear darker (seemingly ) less defined faces .

Heres a link on that same page shows how unfamiliarity of faces , lack of definition causes the another related  empathy problem. 

Her idea is simple: if someone finds it hard to tell the difference between people of a certain race, they will be more likely to characterise that entire group with broad stereotypes. When the lines between individuals blur, generalities start seeping in and implicit biases have a stronger influence. But if that’s the case, there may be a way around it – indeed, Lebrecht found that by training people to better discriminate between faces of other races, she could help to reduce their biased attitudes towards those races.

Williams Syndrome :

link between social fear and racial stereotypes fits with the results of previous brain-scanning studies. In people with Williams syndrome, the amygdala, a part of the brain involved in processing emotional memories, is far less reactive to threatening social situations. The connections between the amygdala and the fusiform face area, which is specialised for recognising faces, are also unusually weak.

The same areas might play a role in understanding information about people’s race: the fusiform face area tends to be more active when we look at people from the same ethnic group; and one study found that the amygdala is more active when both white and black people look at black faces. This will, of course, need to be tested in more experiments.

Maths comes from biological fairness

I have gut feeling that Maths is an extention of our biological propensity for fairness.

Maths has fairness principles….such as the equality sign.Taking from one side means adding to another ( no exception ) .Dividing one side have to equally divide the other…etc

Counting comes from dividing gains.

Pythagoras theorem comes from the early origin of geometry…trying to give farmers back their fair share of the land after the Nile floods have removed traces of boundaries.

Thats why Mathematics fails at certain levels….because it derives from human notions of fairness and works well in the Newtonian landscape but begins to crumble at the Quantum level ( I think ).

Religion re-codifies fairness after our innate biological sense of  fairness takes a hammering from the close proximity of a high density -socially stressed hierarchy.

Maths is the fairness language  of the hierarchy….causing the fair distribution of resources throughout the limbs  and layers of a complex heirarchy.  Could I say that it is the Religion of the Hierarchy ……hmmm.

Giggling Hyenas

The giggling sounds of a hyena contain important information about the animal’s status, say scientists.

In the first study to decipher the hyena’s so-called “laugh”, they have shown that the pitch of the giggle reveals a hyena’s age.

What is more, variations in the frequency of notes used when a hyena makes a noise convey information about the animal’s social rank.

Details of the US-based research are published in the journal BMC Ecology.

The volume of air in your lungs is a good indicator of strength ( hence age , genes + health  as well) .In moments of fear , like a clash over food or a mate , the exertion would lend itself to a display of audible lung volume  ( a growl , howl  ) . The nuances of the growl would indicate the intention of the growler ( read the post about the body as emotional store two posts back ) as the viscera are moved around a musculature and affect the timbre of the growl ( confident or sensing failure signals) .

All this helps to stop a senseless fight getting too far ( the signals are received , one loses and one wins ).The loser has helped not to weaken the winner too much but enough to determine his mating rights.

Its not a big step up to passively communicating this information in a non-confrontational way as these Hyenas are doing so that a hierarchy can be formed .

Republicans use more energy ..tend towards a mean figure

A program designed to reduce energy consumption persuaded some Republicans to consume more.

Registered Democrats who give to environmental organizations and live near other liberals reduced their consumption by 3 percent. For liberals who started out as heavier-than-average consumers, the reduction was almost 6 percent. Republicans who live in conservative neighborhoods (and hence had no neighborly pressure to conserve) and had no record of giving to environmental organizations actually increased their consumption by 1 percent

Looks as if the Republicans actually may have felt the herd instinct , their grouping reflex coming in here , not wanting to be singled out , least of all as enviromentalists.Whereas Liberals would have less of a  problem with empathy ( save the planet )  and individuality ( saving the most ).

I see  consumption as the class structure in the States.Usage equates to social elevation.Not that I see that as a factor here as the neighbourhoods seems to be homogenous in terms of wealth.